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A positive outlook in psychology

A positive outlook in psychology

In psychology, what happens if we stop assuming everything is broken about a person and begin to ask what’s giving someone joy and happiness, and how do we grow these aspects? This is the basis behind positive psychology, a new branch of psychology that has been expanding in the last 15 years.

We found this very nice video explaining what positive psychology is and isn’t:

The video talks quite a bit about ‘flow’ – this is the idea that when we engage ourselves so deeply into an activity that gives us joy in some measure that we begin to lose the self and become immersed in the action without thought to the outcome’s success or failure but rather in the action of the task. It is the loss of self that offers the greatest reward. While this isn’t a cure all for everyone’s problems it certainly does illuminate a new path to understanding the effects of a positive outlook on life and a gives us a viewpoint perhaps not thought of before. 


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