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A sincere and abiding love of happiness

A sincere and abiding love of happiness

Salil Wilson from Australia is the Executive Director of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, the world’s largest torch relay for peace. He travels every year to many countries as part of the international team of runners that have carried the Peace Torch to over 140 different countries.

How would you define happiness?
A deep sense of contentment, satisfaction and well being.

What was your first experience of happiness?
My first experience of being happy, and aware of it, was as a young child sitting outside in the sun on the warm concrete of our driveway and feeling happy. Simple but true.

Whenever you feel unhappy, is there a particular thing you do in order to feel happy again?
I try to get back in touch with my heart by either meditating, doing exercise like running, immersing myself in nature, concentrating on my breath or just being with happy friends.

How would you go about making the world a happier place?
Firstly, by being the happiest person I can be. If I’m not happy, then I can’t really hope to inspire others to be happy.

Are there particular habits or regimens you have that make you happier?
A regular practice of meditation, prayer, exercise and service. Having a regular discipline in your life helps in so many ways.

What inspires you most about the future?
The potential for wonderful things to happen. On the Peace Run, you meet so many different people from all countries and cultures, and you realise that we all want the same essential things. It gives you a very optimistic outlook for the future.

Which personal qualities do you think are most important in obtaining happiness?
A sincere and abiding love of happiness. If you truly value happiness, you’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve it.

What was your most important life decision in terms of your own personal happiness?
To live my life according to my inner dictates.


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