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Absolute Love – a poem

Absolute Love – a poem

Connecting with All That Is,

Feeling a deep love for God,

Creating a place of Unity through Devotion,

Loving absolutely everything in our outer world

And feeling absolutely loved by everything existing in our inner world.

Pure and Divine Love flowing like crystal clear water,

Dissolving all impurities in the Ocean of Love,

An Inner feeling of connectedness to All,

Sail on the river of love to the Kingdom within,

The bliss of the Heart expands to touch Life,

An inner gate opens and upon entering

We experience a miraculous melding between

Our being and what we are devoted to.

A melding occurs between the personal and impersonal,

We reach a state of total Inner Peace.

To explain the quality of this state of Divine Love

Many beings have tried to do,

But it is always inadequate to try to fully understand without

Experiencing it:

Absolute Love.

…Experience it…Give it…Live within it…

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