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The growing influence of meditation and mindfulness

The growing influence of meditation and mindfulness

As the evidence grows to support the efficacy of meditation and mindfulness, more and more articles about these age-old practices are appearing in major media outlets.

For example, in this article the New York Times reports studies verifying the age old wisdom that meditation helps make you more compassionate and sympathetic to others’ needs:

The next time you meditate, know that you’re not just benefiting yourself, you’re also benefiting your neighbors, community members and as-yet-unknown strangers…

Or what about this article in the Huffington Post, outlining step-by-step the myriad benefits of meditation:

Over the past few years, meditation has evolved from an of-the-moment fad to a legitimate health craze, as research has linked the practice to everything from improved cardiovascular health to cognitive benefits. Science has even shown that mindfulness meditation can affect gene expression.

While the modern-day science behind this age-old practice is still developing, plenty of studies suggest that meditation is about way more than blissing out

This article helps explain in simple but adept ways how meditation helps everyone develop a calmer more focused life. What that does in turn is allows us to grow into a more complete person. We lower our stress, take more positive actions in our life choices, and live happier, healthier lives when we take time to deflate the ego and rejuvenate our connection with the source of happiness that resides within each of us.

And finally, in an example of how mindfulness is being increasingly adopted by medical professions, we’ll end with this short video from Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where we see some attributes of allowing ourselves to let go of the worries and anxieties of life in order to free ourselves from the burdens that society often places upon us.


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